A delicate blend of machine code and human sensibility. Art with a soul.

Expect the unexpected!


Specifically tailored to the Ledger Stax

Available Soon
A carefully crafted collection of Elite NFTs, specifically tailored to the Ledger Stax grayscale display.
All 1/1, all giving a new meaning to the Stax self-custody and safety features.

  • Supply: TBA
  • Some pieces available on Opensea

Under The Sign Of The Owl

These beauties are on a mission

Currently minting
These are not your usual witches.
All are very different, each one with a different history and burden, but all share a common trait:
They have been marked by the sign of the owl.

Hyped and Bananed

Get Hyped, Get bananed: experience the full Crypto cycle!

Currently minting
Tears of joy or pain from Crypto traders.
Hyped: Promoted beyond what is reasonable or appropriate.
Bananed: Rekt. Abused. Screwed.


Impressive space banners

(Sold out)
High res twitter banners, from the "Fantom Gates" universe.
They have been dropped to various Fantomized holders, as well as some friends collections.

  • Supply: 2315
  • Second market on NFTKey

Goulish divas

Super natural beauties with a hidden power.

Sold out
FTM & Avax
In partnership with Potluck Protocol
Super natural beauties with hidden powers.
This is a cross-chain collection, the Divas can travel forth and back between FTM and AVAX.

Shrines of Eidolon

Follow the Shrines, They will pave the way.

(Sold out)
In collaboration with Nolsey.
In times of darkness, lead your faith not astray
Verifying ownership of a Shrine in ‘The Collectors Circle’ Discord will grant you the honorable rank of Acolyte. Acolytes are privy to special giveaways, events and more.
Each Shrine is worth a varying amount of tickets, depending on rarity, into holder exclusive raffles that will take place in the discord.


Fantomized Lottery Tickets

Ongoing, beta
Still to be properly released at scale and used.
Flickets are given to active discord users or Won at parties.
They can then be swapped for bonus, mint aso.


Vaporous protectors entities

(Sold out)
Vaporous entities playing along with Neon Ghost, their sister collection. Invoked in ages of troubles to protect their holders.
Each one has a totem, more or less rare.
303 Dropped to Spectaculars holders, 379 dropped to NeonGhosts holders. 800 only left to mint, all sold out.

Fantom Gates

Spectacular looking Gates to other worlds

(Sold out)
Mysterious gates bending spacetime. Key to other worlds, and a sci fi game in the making. Different kind of gates, more or less rare, with on-chain properties to be used in-game.

Fantomized Art

One of a kind art by Fantomized

(Sold out)
Single pieces by Fantomized. This also includes some art for contests, like Haiku illustrations, our "Tiger masks" for 2022 Chinese new year or the famous Christmas gates...

Neon Ghosts

Vibin', friendly, Ghostly creatures on Fantom

(Sold out)
The NeonGhosts are conceived to send positive vibes through spacetime, that could change your life.
Partnership with SpiritSwap.


Our genesis collection.

(Sold out)
Fantomized first collection, giving access to free drops, discounts and perks.